Westerplas Flock

Westerplas Flock Herdwicks

The Westerplas Flock breeds Herdwicks from HSBA registered sheep which satisfy the English standard. In our breeding we pursue the quality of Lakeland Herdwicks. To learn more about the Herdwicks we are affiliated with the Herdwick Sheep Breeders’ Association and in contact with Lake District breeders. The characteristics of a Herdwick can be found on the website of the Herdwick Sheep Breeders’ Association or on the page 'rasstandaard'. To keep our livestock healthy and to improve our breed characteristics we regularly import sheep from the Lake District. The search for new sheep is always accompanied by local Herdwick sheep breeders with years of experience.

Sale & Export

The breeding flock currently consists some 45 ewes. This means that every year we can offer a number of animals for sale, from a wide range of bloodlines. The Westerplas flock has several sheep of the scrapie genotype A (ARR/ARR). These animals meet the export requirements. We can arrange the transport ourselves (max. 8 hours) or with another carrier (longer journeys). The Westerplas flock is certified 'maedi-visna free'. The past years, Westerplas Herdwicks were sent to Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France and Luxembourg.

The lambs are weaned when they are more than four months old. This means that from mid-September lambs are sold. Some people already inform in early spring. Reservations of lambs are possible.

Tel. +32 473 87 11 00 - e-mail: petervanherp@herdwick.org


Natuurpunt (Nature Point) Gent vzw, Belgium is a nature conservation organisation. One of its conservation areas is the Westerplas in Sint-Martens-Latem, a small village in the Flemish lowlands. The Westerplas is a controlled floodplain of some 5 hectares that protects a residential area against flooding. In a relatively short time the Westerplas has become a stop off point for many species of migrating birds. In 2007, Natuurpunt Gent started looking for an ecological way to maintain the marshes and wetlands, and to avoid re-forestation. After a long search, the solution was found in the grazing habits of the Herdwick sheep. The breed originates from the mountainous Lake District in the North West of England, close to the Scottish border. The harsh climate and poor vegetation on the slopes has turned the Herdwick into a perfect sheep for nature projects. Following a pilot phase in mid 2008, the project quickly expanded and the Westerplas Flock was established.